Gwyneth Paltrow reveals how she really feels about the movie business

Gwyneth Paltrow has opened up about her true feelings towards the movie industry.

In 2017, the Iron Man actor announced that she would be stepping away from acting so that she could focus on Goop, her modern lifestyle brand.

Now, in a new clip from an interview on NBC’s Sunday Today with Willie Geist, Paltrow doesn’t hold back in addressing how she really feels about her acting career.

“I really don’t miss it all. I think I’m so lucky that I got to do it, and I’m sure I still will at some point,” she admits.

“The team is always trying to get me to do a movie, but I really love what I do,” she added. “I love how immediate it is and how we’re able to create product out of thin air that we believe in so much.”

Paltrow further described the experience of product development as “so powerful”, adding that she doesn’t “daydream about the movie business at all”.

However, the 49-year-old said she does plan on returning to the acting world someday in order to fulfil a promise to her mother, fellow actor Blythe Danner.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Elise Loehnen (Getty Images)
Gwyneth Paltrow and Elise Loehnen (Getty Images)

“I did promise my mother at some point before I die, I told her I would go and do a play,” she explained. “So I’m gonna deliver on that promise at some point.”

Paltrow’s recent sentiments echo similar remarks made in 2019 when she revealed that she was “not passionate about [acting] anymore”.

“I have had a lot of good luck and a lot of hard work, which led to a really good film career,” she said at the time. “At a certain point, I felt like it wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

Paltrow’s full interview on Sunday Today airs Sunday 24 July at 8 am ET on NBC.