H.E.R. reveals her favorite Filipino foods


H.E.R. recently revealed her favorite Filipino foods.

During an interview with Vogue Philippines for its February 2023 issue, whose cover she graces, the Afro Filipino award-winning artist spoke about all things culinary.

“[Chocnut] is my after-school snack,” she shares in a video posted by Vogue Philippines on Instagram on Tuesday. “[Adobo], I think of my Tita Joan. She makes the best adobo… and it’s not complete without saging [banana].”

H.E.R. also mentions other classic Filipino dishes and treats, such as palabok (a Filipino rice noodle dish), suman (glutinous rice cake), chicharon (pork rinds), Sky Flakes crackers and balut (fertilized duck egg), which she eats on-camera.

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And her top Filipino food of all time?

Sinigang [tamarind soup] is my favorite Filipino food ever,” she declares. “My grandma makes the best sinigang.”

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The 25-year-old star is featured on the cover of Vogue Philippines’ latest issue.

In a recent Instagram post, the Philippine publication stated that H.E.R. “continues to rise.”

“Just this year, the young superstar nabbed a role in an Oprah Winfrey-produced movie, shredded the stage alongside Lenny Kravitz, and toured the world with Coldplay,” the post’s caption says.

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Vogue Philipines also noted H.E.R.’s recent role as Belle in the 30th anniversary TV special of the beloved Disney film “Beauty and the Beast,” which features significant Filipino elements.