Hackers infiltrate virtual Easter service with racist rant

In the latest board meeting, the San Francisco School Board voted on a resolution pledging to reopen schools in the fall, 5 days a week for in-person learning.

Video Transcript

- Can't [BLEEPED] stand the [BLEEPED] stinky [BLEEPED].

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: The dozens of beeps in this video covering a barrage of profanities heard by those attending the Zoom portion of this Easter morning worship service. Grace Baptist Church in San Jose's connection hacked by people spewing hatred.

- [BLEEPED] Jews to the concentration camp and [BLEEPED] gas all of the [BLEEPED].

GEORGE OLIVER: They had a purpose. This church hires a gay, Black pastor; they come and spew profanity about Black people, LGBTQ persons, and on the last day of Passover, talk about gassing Jews, so I don't think that this is some kind of coincidence.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Reverend George Oliver started as Senior Pastor on March 1st. He recognizes Grace Baptist as the most progressive church in the city, making it prone to criticism, but he admits this attack was far from ordinary.

- [BLEEPED] smell like the [BLEEPED].

GEORGE OLIVER: To have someone coming in and say the n-word more than 40 times in five minutes is something that's just-- it's beyond belief. And in some ways, I don't believe it.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Oliver says it's also tough to grasp what harm this might have on a congregation still healing after November's deadly stabbing, where two people were killed, three others injured.

GEORGE OLIVER: This is not a harm that people recognize because it doesn't leave a trail of blood, but it leaves a trail of hurting people that were already hurt to start with.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: And while Sunday's attack was virtual--

- Separated--

- Can you please get off of our [? [BLEEPED] ?] Zoom?

[? - ?] [BLEEPED].

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Grace Baptist is now fundraising for physical on-site security. In San Jose, I'm Amanda Del Castillo, ABC 7 News.