Latest COVID-19 Case Numbers For Hackettstown Through Jan. 21

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HACKETTSTOWN, NJ —COVID-19 cases in Warren County could be ebbing slightly, based on some of the data from the county and the state.

The decline has been reflective in the county's daily case average. On Jan. 19 it was 120. The week before that on Jan. 12, it was 194. On Jan. 5, the weekly new positive case count average was 179. In late December, the daily average countywide was 67 new cases each day.

The COVID-19 death toll has additionally slowed in Warren county. The Jan. 19 report showed "no new confirmed or probable deaths" over the last week. In the week-ending Jan. 12, there were nine COVID-19 deaths, with one probable.

On Jan. 22, New Jersey’s Department of Health logged Warren county's cumulative COVID-19 total death toll since March 2020 at 274. On Jan. 14, there were 270 total deaths attributed to the coronavirus; and on Jan. 7, it was 254.

See positive COVID-19 totals below for Warren County (figures since March 2020). The new, positive case tally comes from the county's website, with the deaths from the state's dashboard:

Jan. 19

Jan. 12

Jan. 5






274 (Jan. 22)

270 (Jan. 14)

254 (Jan. 7)

In Hackettstown specifically, there has been a minor downturn in the rise of new cases. Between Jan. 5 and 12, there were 100 new cases. Between Jan. 12 and 19, there were 96.

See more details about Hackettstown below:

Since March 2020

Jan. 19

Jan. 12

Jan. 5

New cases




Known recoveries




This drop is also reflective in the COVID-19 Activity Level Report (CALI) for the northwest region, which includes totals from Morris, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren counties. Though the region is still "red" or "high," on the Jan. 8 report, the regional case rate was 255.97 per 100,000. For the week of Jan. 15, it was 121.49.

See figures below between the two Northwest region CALI reports:

Jan. 15

Jan. 8

Case Rate (per 100,000)



Percent COVID-Like Illness (CLI)



Percent Positivity



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