Hail damage claims cost billions annually

State Farm paid more than $3 billion in insurance claims for hail damage in 2020. Agents say preparation before storms can save you time and money.

Video Transcript

ROBERT NDEGWA: Hail damage can be financially, emotionally very draining.

BILL WADELL: The repair bills after severe storms can add up quickly.

ROBERT NDEGWA: State Farm processed over $3 billion in just hail claims alone.

BILL WADELL: Robert Ndegwa says Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado had the most hail damage claims paid out in 2020.


Hail shattered windows of homes in Bossier City, Louisiana last spring.

ROBERT NDEGWA: Shut your blinds. Close your curtains. That way, you can, you know, hopefully avoid any flying glass that could potentially hurt your family or damage furniture.

BILL WADELL: One family's car in East Texas hit hard. The back window was pelted by hail. The windshield, covered in cracks. Ndegwa says, if you're on the road during a severe storm, slow down. And get to a safe place. Do not speed up and try to beat the storm.

ROBERT NDEGWA: Between the force of the hail and the force of your vehicle, that just accentuates the damage.

BILL WADELL: It's also a good idea to take pictures of your important belongings, your home, and your car before there's any damage, in case you need to file a claim after a storm.

ROBERT NDEGWA: Catalog all of your personal property. Email it to yourself. Send it to the cloud. So this is peak season. So, if you've not taken those steps yet, I would advise to-- to do that right away.

BILL WADELL: For AccuWeather, I'm Bill Wadell.