Hailey Baldwin wore a t-shirt dress with a leather blazer and we have a lot of feelings

Starr Bowenbank
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From Cosmopolitan

Welp, here’s something that’s super comforting to know: One of your favorite model celebrities, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, is literally just as confused about what to wear as you are rn.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are smack-dab in the middle of this very weird, hard-to-dress-for clusterf*ck of seasons right now known as “late summer” or “early Autumn,” if you’re really eager enough to start calling it Autumn in the first place.

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But technically speaking, that season mashup really only happens if you’re in a place with three or more seasons, right?

It surely doesn’t happen in Los Angeles, where Hailey lives with her hubby, Justin Bieber, but her recent choice of outfit will have me hard-pressed to believe otherwise. Allow me to present to you...THIS:

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The weather in LA is completely sunny, 82 freakin’ degrees out, with a 54 percent humidity level. Yesterday had the exact same weather. It’s not at all cold. In fact, I’m sure Hailey probably broke the teensiest of sweats while descending down those stairs.

So this brings me to my one many burning questions: Why in the fresh hell is Hailey wearing a leather jacket in above-80 weather? And why is she wearing it with a T-shirt dress (likely with no shorts underneath) and knee-high leather boots?

Bella did do a pretty similar look the day before at London Fashion Week, after all. But the major difference between London and Los Angeles is that London is ACTUALLY COLD, so I give Bella a pass.

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So now I’m wondering: Is this a new trend? Are people everywhere going to start wearing leather blazers with breezy T-shirt dresses and no pants/tights and compensate for that legginess by throwing on knee-high boots? Asking all the important questions, for a friend...obviously.

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