Hailey Bieber defended her husband on Twitter after Tool frontman Maynard Keenan said it was a 'bummer' Justin Bieber was a fan

Lindsay Dodgson

  • Hailey Bieber has jumped to her husband Justin Bieber's defense on Twitter.

  • Tool frontman Maynard Keenan tweeted that it was a "bummer" Justin liked his music.

  • In response, Hailey wrote that Keenan must be unhappy with himself to say such hurtful things.

  • "Very childish and hurtful thing to do," she wrote. "I hope u find security within yourself. Sad place to be."

  • Hundreds of people responded to the tweet, some praising Hailey for being a supportive wife, while others took it as a chance to criticize her.

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Hailey Bieber is always quick to jump to her husband Justin Bieber's defense. And when Tool frontman Maynard Keenan made a joke at his expense, she was first in line to call him out for being "hurtful."

Music and pop culture publication Consequence of Sound tweeted out a story saying "It's official: Justin Bieber is a Tool fan."‏

In response, Keenan wrote "#bummer".


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Hailey responded to the tweet, saying she thought it was a mean thing to say about someone for being a supporter.

"He expressed he was a fan of your music. Grew up listening to your music. You must be unhappy with yourself that you want to make people feel small who express their admiration for you.," she wrote. "Very childish and hurtful thing to do. I hope u find security within yourself. Sad place to be."

Hundreds of people responded, praising Hailey for being a "protective" and "supportive" wife.

"I love how much of a supportive person you are," said one fan. "Tell him to ignore those ignorant people because they will never stop, enjoy and keep winning in life."

However, not everyone thought it was Hailey's place to say something. Justin received some criticism recently for defending his manager Scooter Braun amid the controversy over buying Taylor Swift's music.

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Justin posted a picture on Instagram of him and Swift apologizing for their past, but also suggesting her claims about Braun being a bully were not true.

In response, Hailey wrote underneath the post "Gentleman."

But as a result, many Swift fans are angry at Justin, and take their frustration out whenever he or Hailey speak about something publicly.

For example, one fan wrote, "you do not even reach Taylor's heels."

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