Hailstone Rockets Through Doorway in Norman, Oklahoma

An Oklahoma meteorologist said his Nest camera was lucky to survive a hailstorm that hit the city of Norman on April 28, as a large chunk of ice ricocheted across a covered porch, surveillance video shows.

Severe weather prompted flash flood and thunderstorm warnings in Norman on April 28 as baseball-sized hail and 75 mph winds battered the region.

This video shared by Evan Bentley shows a hailstone flying through a doorway. “That thing had to be traveling 60-plus mph!” he wrote in a tweet. “My Nest doorbell was lucky to survive that one.”

The National Weather Service forecast inclement weather in Norman, Oklahoma, on the night of May 5 as possible showers and an isolated thunderstorm were expected in the region. Credit: Evan Bentley via Storyful