This new hair care brand makes no-rinse conditioners for all textures, and we're obsessed

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This new hair care brand makes no-rinse conditioners for all textures, and we're obsessed

The Good Stuff is an affordable hair care brand that makes no-rinse conditioners for all hair textures.

If you have stubborn hair, you can appreciate the magic that is a nourishing hair conditioner. You may also know that once it’s washed away, your hair can easily revert back to its unruly state. Luckily for us, one brand is looking to change our wash routines forever. The Good Stuff is a line of sulfate-free shampoo and no-rinse hair conditioning products modeled after skin care. You don’t rinse away moisturizers and serums that condition your skin so why not extend the courtesy to your locks?  The Good Stuff has a range of environmentally friendly products designed for every hair type. Best of all, each product is under $10 each. You’ll be getting your hair in shape while remaining financially fit.

We all know that hair care is not one size fits all, which is why it’s refreshing to know that The Good Stuff offers six different options of no-rinse conditioner to cater to different hair concerns. Whether your hair is damaged, color-treated or somewhere in between, each product is formulated to continuously treat your hair. Milk (for color treated hair), oil (for frizzy hair), and foam (for fine and flat hair) are just a few of the different formulas that The Good Stuff has to offer. To our delight, all of these no-rinse conditioners are fast-absorbing. In addition to restoring your hair, you’ll save time and water by skipping the rinse cycle of your wash routine.

If you don’t like seeing your conditioner (or money) go down the drain, The Good Stuff may be worth your while. Every product retails for $7.99, so just in case you have a host of issues when it comes to your hair, picking up a few different options won’t break the bank. From bone-straight type 1 hair to the thickest coils, The Good Stuff has an affordable conditioning solution for you.

Check out a few of the hair formulas from The Good Stuff that we have our eye on.

1Color Protect Milk No-Rinse Conditioner

This conditioning hair milk will make your color-treated hair soft and vibrant.

2Frizz Control Oil No-Rinse Conditioner

Frizz is no matching for this conditioning oil. Your hair will feel the love from the inside out.

3Intensive Nourishing Cream No-Rinse Conditioner

If your dry brittle hair is screaming for moisture, this is the stuff it needs.

4Volumizing Hydrating Foam No-Rinse Conditioner

Bring flat hair back to life with a lightweight (never heavy) hydrating foam.