'Hair horns' are the newest E-girl beauty trend on TikTok

"Hair horns" are the newest beauty craze to sweep the E-girl aesthetic on TikTok. Hair horns are tiny bunches of hair on either side of the head that are styled upright, either via hairspray or blow-drying tactics. According to an interview with Dazed, New York City-based stylist Mischa G. credited her client, Allison Ponthier, as having come up with the original idea in April. Social media, for the most part, loved the final look. "At first I was like, noooo," one person commented. "But actually it looks dope”. For those who want to experiment with cutting their own hair horns at home, Mischa gave Dazed some tips. “When I was sectioning out the hair for the horns, I took the hair from just under the surface of the hair, so if the horns aren't styled, they just blend in under the top layer”. “I rubber-banded my sections off and snipped the hair on an angle about two to three inches from the head, then point-cut into them to break apart the ends of the hair”. The horns won't stay up on their own without the help of mousse or some kind of styling paste — the more product, the better, for those with super straight hair

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