Haiti opposition meets with US ambassador

US Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White (C) arrives for a meeting with members of opposition political parties to the government of President Michel Martelly, in Port-au-Prince, on December 2, 2014 (AFP Photo/Hector Retamal)

Port-au-Prince (AFP) - US Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White met with opposition leaders seeking an end to the rule of President Michel Martelly.

The closed-door meeting, arranged at the request of the activists, was held on Tuesday in the party offices of Haiti's social democrat Fusion party, and lasted nearly one hour.

"We told Mrs. White in no uncertain terms that the current crisis is one of Haiti's making, and it is up to Haiti to find a solution," opposition leader Jean Andre Victor told reporters after the meeting.

It came just days after thousands of angry protesters fanned out across the country Friday to demand the resignation of the Haitian leader.

Haiti has been mired in political crisis for three years over the failure to hold long delayed municipal and legislative elections.

If elections are not held before January 12, the legislature will be automatically dissolved and Martelly can rule by decree.

Demonstrators for Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to step down, accusing them of mismanagement.

Recent talks initiated by the government aimed at resolving the crisis before the end of the year were boycotted by opposition parties.