Half of 2-week-old's life spent without power

A family who moved from Wisconsin to Texas five months ago says they're used to the cold, but not the lack of electricity. They share their story of keeping their 2-week-old warm without power.

Video Transcript

- This might be tough to hear if you're still without power. You just heard right there ERCOT CEO Bill Magnus saying everyone should be back to normal now. That is unless you have faulty or old equipment.

So we've been talking with people all over about their outage issues over the past few day. Reporter Miya Shay took this photo of two-week-old Luna who's been fighting with the bitter cold with no power and no water. Miya spoke to her family and joins us live. What a story they have, Miya.

MIYA SHAY: Yeah. We're here at an apartment complex on the South Loop. You can see the contractors here. You see that? That's some new equipment they're getting to install hopefully in the next hour or so, so these folks would have power. Because look at this building right here and another building on the other side. They have all had to live without electricity since Monday.

At just two weeks old, baby Luna has only experienced consistent electricity and water for half of her very young life.

- It's day five now for us. We've been out since Monday at 12:00. I mean, it's just freezing in there. I mean, you can see your breath in my house it's so cold.

MIYA SHAY: [? Leana ?] Castle and her family moved from Wisconsin to Texas five months ago. They're used to the cold weather, but not the breakdown in electricity.

- In Wisconsin, it's at least, like, 12 inches of snow, and we don't have-- like, we have electricity all the time. But when it's out here, it's like, so different to me. I panicked. I didn't know what to do for a little bit. And now I'm still panicking a little bit 'cause there's still no electricity.

MIYA SHAY: This morning, ERCOT officially said its operations have returned back to normal, but in a call to reporters, admits this week was extraordinarily difficult.

- I really want to acknowledge just the immense human suffering that we saw throughout this event. When people lose power, there are heartbreaking consequences.

MIYA SHAY: Part of the issue is that the pockets of equipment failure do not surface until most of the power grid was already back online. Centerpoint workers are now working on the 6,000 people currently still without power, including the portion of this apartment complex where Luna and her family have called home.

- If we couldn't have afforded a hotel, my baby wouldn't have made it through this. I know that. It's too cold in there.

MIYA SHAY: Well, hopefully, there will not be another night here without electricity. You see the equipment here. They've been working on it for a couple of hours. Clearly, they have some work to do.

Last check on Centerpoint's website, just over 3,500 households have still not had their electricity restored, and most are in apartment buildings like this one where it's an equipment problem they're working to fix.