Ham radio event scheduled for this weekend

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Jun. 23—Ham radio operators from the Central Washington Amateur Radio Club in Grant County will be participating in a national amateur radio exercise from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday, June 25-26 at the White Trail Grange, located at 3392 Road 5 NW.

The event is ARRL Field Day, an annual amateur radio activity organized since 1933 by the Amateur Radio Relay League, The National Association for Amateur Radio in the United States. Field Day highlights ham radio's ability to work reliably under any conditions from almost any location and create an independent, wireless communications network.

The public is invited to come by during operation hours to learn about amateur radio. There will be licensed operators at work continuously for the 24-hour event.

During Field Day 2021, more than 26,000 hams participated from thousands of locations across

North America. According to ARRL, there are more than 750,000 amateur radio licensees in the

U.S., and an estimated 3 million worldwide.

For more information about ARRL Field Day and ham radio, visit www.arrl.org/FieldDay.

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