Hampden Family Center Holding 1950's Style Gala Fundraiser

The Hampden Family Center has been serving the community for over 26 years, but it needs your help to continue its mission.

Video Transcript

- It has been a helping hand to Hampden community members for over 26 years, but now it needs your help to continue its mission. The Hampden Family Center is hosting its annual gala at Bengie's Drive-in, that's a fun place, this year to raise money for the organization and WJZ is live. Stetson Miller tells us all about it. Hey, Stetson.

STETSON MILLER: Hey there, Denise. Yeah, it's a 1950s style tailgate party complete with an auction, games, and of course, a drive-in movie. It does sound like a pretty fun night. And it's all to support this great organization with a good cause that so many people here in Hampden rely on.

The Hampden Family Center has become an essential resource for needy neighbors who rely on it for everything from after school care for kids to food and classes for adults.

ASHLEY WILKES: We really are the central hub of resources for people of all ages in need.

STETSON MILLER: Just ask Sharon Switzer. She's been coming to the Center for over 20 years.

SHARON SWITZER: I came to the senior luncheons, I get help with my medical assistance.

STETSON MILLER: And the need has only grown since the pandemic happened, which is why they're really counting on the community to step up during this year's annual gala.

ASHLEY WILKES: Families are still struggling, and people are still trying to get back on their feet. So this year's Hats Off to Hampden is especially important, to make sure that we can continue serving the community.

STETSON MILLER: Hats Off to Hampden is the organization's annual fundraising gala, but it's switching it up this year with a fabulous '50s tailgate party that it's hosting next week on the 17th. It's jam-packed, a lot of fun, all at Bengie's Drive-in Theater.

ASHLEY WILKES: We're going to have a full barbecue and bar, Suns of Pirates beach band playing, and the cornerstone of the night is a "Grease" sing along.

STETSON MILLER: And it's all for a good cause. So the center can keep helping kids, adults and seniors just like Sharon.

And it is $95 for tickets. They're available online at HampdenFamilyCenter.org We're live in Hampden, Stetson Miller for WJZ.