Hanceville Nursing Home ranked first in Alabama by Newsweek

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Oct. 8—Hanceville Nursing Home and Rehab Center was named the best nursing home in Alabama by Newsweek Magazine this week. Criteria for the selection were based on overall performance data, peer recommendations and each facility's handling of COVID-19, relative to in-state competition.

The 208-bed facility instituted a mandatory vaccination policy for staff in December, 2020 and nearly 100% of its 245 employees have been vaccinated.

Kristen Munger, assistant director of nursing, said, "We did have six employees who decided that they didn't want to get it and they turned in their resignation."

Munger said the facility's administrator felt the mandate was appropriate, especially after having much of its staff out of work last year due to COVID or exposure to COVID. Since the implementation of the company's mandate, the facility has been more than 250 days without any positive COVID cases, according to Munger.

"I'm sure some people have chosen not to work here because of that, but it's still the right thing to do for our residents and community and that's as evidenced how many days we've gone without COVID," she said.

Administrator Donna Guthrie told The Times in a previous interview, "We felt that we needed to put the patients first and that's what we did," she said.

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