Hand Sanitizer Study Finds Elevated Levels Of Cancer Causing Chemical In 21 Out Of 260 Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is known to keep us safe, but a new study finds some brands contain high levels of a cancer causing chemical.

Video Transcript

- A new study on hand sanitizer finds that some brands contain high levels of cancer causing chemical. Valisure, an independent lab and pharmacy that tests drug products for quality, says that it found elevated levels of Benzene in 21 sanitizers out of 260. In the early days of the pandemic, the FDA reportedly relaxed standards on Benzene, but Valisure says that many products contain well above the allowable limit.

- Honestly, I'm shocked. It might very well be the most well-known compound that is dangerous to humans.

- The leading brand, Purell, and many others, had no detectable levels of Benzene. Valisure has petitioned the FDA to launch an investigation and recall for the products on the list. The agency says it is reviewing the petition and continues to test sanitizer products and monitor the market. To see the full list, you can go to our website, CBSNewYork.com.