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Handyman becomes a hero with kidney donation

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Tony Antonelli was in need of a new kidney after his first transplant failed. His handyman Dan Reynolds offered one of his. Chip Reid has more on the self-named "blood brothers."

Video Transcript

- A good handyman can fix just about anything. What makes a great one? CBS's Chip Reid has the answer.

CHIP REID: Four years ago Tony Antonelli got a new kidney.



CHIP REID: The donor was his wife Mary. Unfortunately, last year it started to fail.

TONY ANTONELLI: Sure enough, we, you know, had to look for another donor.

CHIP REID: But finding a match is difficult Tony had only about five years to live, bad news for a man with 13 grandchildren. Enter Dan Reynolds, an Army veteran who knows something about being down on his luck. He spent a few years living in a van. Even so, he's known in this Maryland neighborhood as the handyman with a heart of gold. After doing some yard work last October, Dan thought Tony looked pale and tired.

DAN REYNOLDS: I asked him if he was OK. And he said that he had-- might have to go on dialysis. His kidney was failing him. And I said, well, I'll be happy to give you a kidney.

CHIP REID: In fact, he said he'd be honored. Tony's reaction?


MARY ANTONELLI: I started just crying and saying, oh, my God.

CHIP REID: It turns out they were a match, and four weeks ago they underwent successful surgery.

Did you ever have a moment when you thought, why am I doing this?

DAN REYNOLDS: No. I sure didn't.

CHIP REID: Do you consider him a hero?



CHIP REID: But Tony and Dan have another name for each other.

TONY ANTONELLI: Blood Brothers.

CHIP REID: Blood Brothers.

DAN REYNOLDS: Absolutely.

TONY ANTONELLI: Part of the family.

CHIP REID: A family that now has more time together.

DAN REYNOLDS: It doesn't take much to help another human being, just have to have some compassion.

CHIP REID: Chip Reid, CBS News, Gaithersburg, Maryland.