Hanford community comes together on football field to pay tribute to murdered siblings

A touching tribute was held for Ryan and Zachery Hulbert, killed in a stabbing days ago, before kick-off at Hanford High School's football game on Friday night.

Video Transcript

MARGOT KIM: A Kings County community is pulling together to honor two young lives taken too soon. A touching tribute was held for Ryan and Zachary Hulbert before kickoff at Hanford High School's football game tonight. The brother and sister were killed in their home Monday. 20-year-old Garrett Leyva, identified by authorities as Ryan's former boyfriend, is suspected in the deaths.

WARREN ARMSTRONG: Action News reporter Gilbert Magallon joins us in the studio tonight with how the two athletes were honored under the Friday night lights. Gilbert.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Well, Margot, Warren, tonight's game was an emotional one. Everyone in the Hanford High School football stadium paid their respects to Zachary and Ryan Hulbert. Zachary played on the football team and tonight his number 52 jerseys were reunited with his parents.

Minutes to kickoff, the stadium at Hanford High School went silent as a grieving family stepped onto the field. Zachary Hulbert's parents were approached by football players carrying a precious memory of their son.

- Hanford High presents Zachary's uniform to his family.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Those red and white jerseys were worn by 18-year-old Zachary and now they'll find a permanent home with his family. The opposing team also presented them with a gift, a metal cutout of the number 52.

MARILYN GALINDO: It's an overwhelming feeling and-- but it's a good feeling.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Zachary and his 20-year-old sister, Ryan, were murdered in their Hanford home on Monday. Authorities believe Ryan's ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Garrett Leyva, stabbed the siblings to death, their families now left with many unanswered questions.

MARILYN GALINDO: There's, like, the question of why and how could we have prevented this.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Ryan, who used to play for the high school softball team, was also honored. Marilyn Galindo says her niece and nephew had so much left to offer the world.

MARILYN GALINDO: They were always just full of life, joking around, having a good time, very respectful.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Zachary's coach and family friend Ryan [? Desantos ?] says Zachary was excited to play football this year. He was supposed to be the starting kicker at Friday's game.

RYAN DESANTOS: I have known him for 18 years and I had no idea he had the leg that he did.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Before the team took the field, they vowed to play even harder in memory of Ryan and Zachary.

JEREMIAH VEGA: Knowing that he's unable to play, he can play through US. And the Hanford High School football team kept their promise, they won tonight's game 20 to 6. Family will be holding a vigil for the siblings tomorrow night at 7:30 at Hanford High School. In the studio, Gilbert Magallon, ABC30 Action News.