Hannah Brown Just Reacted to Tyler Cameron Texting Her on Her Birthday

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From Cosmopolitan

  • Hannah Brown just opened up about how she felt when Tyler Cameron sent her a birthday text.
  • Tyler recently said he's not really interested in dating anyone from the Bachelor franchise.
  • She also explained what she considers the "biggest blessing" to come out of The Bachelorette.

You know when it's your birthday and your ex decides to pop back up and ruin your life? Well, luckily, that's not how Hannah Brown took it when Tyler Cameron sent her a happy-birthday text in September. She just told Us Weekly exactly what was going through her mind when that happened and it was actually really sweet.

Earlier, Tyler told the magazine that he sent Hannah a text, and when Us caught up with her on Monday after Dancing With the Stars, she said, "It was nice for him to text me on my birthday." So, in case it wasn't obvious before, there are no hard feelings between the two.

That said, don't expect them to start dating again any time soon. Tyler recently said that while he never knows what the future may hold, he's not really interested in dating anyone from the Bachelor franchise. He said:

"We’re friends and I think she’s an incredible girl and I have so much love for her and I want her to be successful and have the best. I don’t know about the future...But like I said, dating girls is, like, the least of my worries right now."

And after the eliminations last night, Hannah described what she thinks is the best part about being on The Bachelorette. Spoiler: It's the people! She told the mag, "The people that I’ve met that have come in my life and just supported me through everything that I’ve gone through, it’s been one of the biggest blessings in all of this."

Okay, now all I'm wondering is if she and Tyler have kept texting since her bday.

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