Hannity and Ingraham's ‘family fight vibes’ give Maddow and Hayes the giggles

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes mocked Fox News's Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham's passive-aggressive exchange from Tuesday, while Hannity makes terse handoff with Ingraham on Wednesday.

During their show crossover on Tuesday night, Hannity called out Ingraham for cutting off the end of President Trump's New Mexico rally the night before. The Fox News host likened it to cutting off a Bach or Mozart crescendo. In response, Ingraham asked, "Is that the White House speaking or you? I couldn't tell."

Mocking Hannity's unsolicited feedback, Ingraham said she'd take his suggestion "under advisement." Then Ingraham offered Hannity a charged opinion of her own: "I've got an idea. You handle your hour, and I'll handle mine."

Ingraham's passive-aggressive advice must have struck a chord with her fellow Fox News host, because on Wednesday, the usually jovial Hannity kept things brief, making for a terse show handoff.

Tuesday's testy exchange did not go unnoticed in the cable news world. Over on rival network, MSNBC, All In's Chris Hayes covered the Fox News incident during his show. And when it came time for Hayes to handoff to fellow MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, Maddow assured Hayes that wouldn't happen with them. "Chris, I promise in all the time you and I share adjacent shows on this TV network we will never have a crossover like the one you just played from Fox," joked Maddow.

Maddow and Hayes genuinely seemed astounded by Hannity and Ingraham's back and forth. Maddow complimented Hayes on his astute observation of the encounter. "You nailed the thing that was scariest about it was the distance between the facial expressions and the conversation," said Maddow.

"That was like hide under a table; this is a scary family fight," added Maddow. Hayes agreed the exchange "had real family fight vibes to it." Both the MSNBC anchors hoped that Hannity and Ingraham patch things up and wished them the best.