Hannity Wants Fox Reporter to Give His ‘Sippy Cup’ to Biden

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Fox News
Fox News

Sean Hannity is out here trying to make “fetch” happen.

The pro-Trump Fox News host has taken it upon himself in recent days to bestow a new nickname on President Joe Biden. Since before the 2020 election, Hannity has been labeling Biden “Sleepy Joe” while relentlessly attempting to portray him as suffering from cognitive decline and struggling physically and mentally. Apparently, however, Hannity felt a change was needed.

Goodbye, Sleepy Joe. Hello, Sippy Cup.

Yes, in order to portray the 78-year-old president as being too old and frail to faithfully discharge the duties of his office, the Fox News star is associating Biden with a toddler’s drinking cup.

And not only that, Hannity had his production team create a presidential “sippy cup” that he unveiled on his primetime cable news show on Tuesday night.

“The U.S. needs a strong, clear-thinking leader who is able and willing to defend our great American way of life,” Hannity exclaimed at the top of his program Tuesday night before holding up the cup. “Oh, I have a present for Joe. Joe, I got you your own sippy cup with the presidential seal. Your own little sippy cup. You are obviously not that guy!”

Moments later, he pulled the cup out again, only to propose that Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy take it to the White House as a present for the president.

“I got this present,” Hannity said, holding up the prop for viewers to see. “I will give this to Peter Doocy to give to ‘Circle Back’ Jen Psaki. You can give it to Joe—his new sippy cup. Open it up, put some warm milky in there and some cookies. It will be great, Joe.”

And just in case the audience didn’t get the joke the first two times on Tuesday night, Hannity referred to Biden as “Sippy Cup” at least eight more times throughout the show.

It remains to be seen where this one will rank in the pantheon of Hannity’s childish insults and taunts—perhaps somewhere between the New York Toilet Paper Times and Alexandria O-Scare-io.

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