Hannity Welcomes ‘Kellyanne Trump’ After Railing Against Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Moments after once again accusing President Joe Biden of struggling with “cognitive decline,” Fox News star Sean Hannity on Monday night suffered his own self-described “Biden moment” when he introduced former Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway as “Kellyanne Trump.”

Amid the global uproar over Biden recently saying Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power,” administration officials have backtracked on the president’s comments and insisted the White House has not reversed its stance on regime change in Russia. Biden, meanwhile, has since said he makes “no apologies” and that his remarks were an expression of “moral outrage” over Russia’s war on Ukraine rather than of official U.S. policy.

Hannity, who has made it a nightly habit to suggest the president is senile, opened his primetime Fox News show on Monday by blasting Biden over his multiple “gaffes” on the world stage last week.

We have a president that clearly is not cognitively up to this job,” the pro-Trump host grumbled. “This is not an opinion. This is a fact. The president’s cognitive decline is dangerous.”

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He then turned to former Speaker of the House and current Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich to further criticize Biden’s performance during his recent European trip. According to the 78-year-old Gingrich, the United States has a “cognitively challenged president,” and therefore, “no place to turn to for leadership.”

After wrapping up his conversation with one ally of the twice-impeached former president, Hannity turned to a whole panel of Trump sycophants to continue bashing the current president over his “gaffes” and mental acuity. In doing so, the Trump confidant made an embarrassing gaffe of his own.

“Here now with more reaction, former counselor to the president Kellyanne Trump,” Hannity blurted out while introducing Conway alongside Fox News contributors Mike Huckabee and Ari Fleischer.

A short time later, the conservative Fox host made a point to correct his error while jokingly comparing himself to the president.

“By the way, I have to walk back—Kellyanne Conway, not Kellyanne Trump,” Hannity declared. “I’m having my own Joe Biden moment.”

Conway, laughing, quickly interjected: “They’re gonna have fun with that one, Sean.” (As of this publication, “Kellyanne Trump” is trending on Twitter.)

After Hannity attested to his own personal mental fitness by saying he can “ad-lib on radio three hours a day,” Conway assured him that his mistake doesn’t compare to any of Biden’s.

“Sean, that is a gaffe and a blooper,” she added. “That’s not what Joe Biden is doing. Joe Biden is not up to the job.”

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