Here’s what happened when a college basketball player lost her wig mid-game

The viral moment is being praised for demonstrating sisterhood and “women supporting women.”

When a wig falls off in a group of women, especially a group of Black women, it’s typically mitigated within seconds. It doesn’t matter where.

Just ask Marquesha Davis, an Ole Miss women’s basketball team player whose wig fell off mid-game and was instantly reaffixed with the help of her fellow players.

In a now-viral clip of the Ole Miss game against South Carolina shared on X, formerly Twitter, on Feb. 4, Davis can be seen colliding with another player and ending up on the court’s floor. You can also see Davis’ ponytail separate from her head. However, a group of her fellow players on both teams quickly rushed to her side and helped her reattach the hairpiece.

The players ultimately all laughed off the moment and got back to the game, with the Gamecocks taking home the win for the evening.

Since the clip surfaced, some have questioned if wigs are an appropriate choice for a basketball game, but many more have praised the women for their sportsmanship and camaraderie, including the person who posted the clip.

“Women supporting women,” a woman’s voice can be heard saying as she films the game on a TV. Social media users have shared similar sentiments.

“Incredible moment that encapsulates sisterhood,” wrote Jemele Hill.

“Love this [fix your crown] moment. Sisterhood is priceless,” another X user wrote.

“It wasn’t anything about the team on the jersey. It was about helping someone in what could have been a very embarrassing moment,” another added.

The game’s camera operator has also been receiving praise for seemingly understanding to move the camera away from the scene, allowing Davis the grace and privacy the moment called for.

“Good job to the camera crew for getting the point and giving camera time to anyone but the players huddling around her,” someone wrote on X.

One commentator particularly moved by the video was South Carolina’s head coach, Dawn Staley.

She wrote, “This warms my heart! My @GamecockWBB babies met the moment with the kindness and understanding I see every day.  @OleMissWBB were all locked hands in a united front. This is WBB at its finest. Love this! WE ARE WBB!!!”

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