What happened with ERCOT's near-emergency?

ERCOT tweeted saying there are tight grid conditions, but they're not asking people to conserve energy like they did on Tuesday.

Video Transcript

- Talk about messy as well. ERCOT yesterday told all of us to conserve energy. Today, they say that's not needed. But conditions remain, in their words, tight.

- So what's going on here? We're all wondering. ABC13's T.J. Parker talked to an expert about what's happening.

T.J. PARKER: Today, ERCOT says there are tight grid conditions. But as of now, they're not asking people to conserve energy like yesterday, which sparked customers' concerns, triggered by February's power outages across Texas.

- Definitely a concern of our supply.

- Why can't we get this right?

T.J. PARKER: Fortunately, ERCOT didn't issue an energy emergency yesterday. After its conservation request, ABC13 data expert Keaton Fox explains what happened.

KEATON FOX: T.J., as we continued to watch the data yesterday, the one clear thing that ERCOT missed in its forecast was simply a cold front. They had counted on a cold front across the state of Texas to reduce temperatures, and therefore reduce energy electricity usage. It didn't happen. And so as energy continued to rise and go up, that is what prompted the emergency. And so many power plants were offline. It caught them by surprise. By the way, today's forecast, not looking much better.

JUSTIN BRADSHAW: Yesterday was a function of having slightly higher than expected demand for this time of year, at the same time that we're doing a lot of our maintenance on the power plants, as well as the transmission lines, getting ready for the peak summer season.

KEATON FOX: ABC13 is waiting to hear back from ERCOT and the governor on a request for comment. Justin Bradshaw reassures now, this isn't a sign of things to come.

JUSTIN BRADSHAW: What happened yesterday doesn't have any, doesn't bear any-- there's no predictive value for what's coming this summer.