‘Be Happy Boutique’ Offers Beautiful Dresses In Honor Of 12-Year-Old Girl

This spring many high schools are hoping to bring back prom. While student safety is a top priority during the coronavirus pandemic, so is looking stylish for the magical night.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: This spring, many high schools are hoping to bring back prom. And while student safety is a top priority, so is looking stylish.

KAREN LEIGH: Well now, a local organization is making sure that every girl who wants a beautiful dress can have one, regardless of how much money they have to spend. Spaghetti straps, lace, and a lot of sparkle.

MEGHANN GUENTENSBERGER: Holy cow. Yes, there are over 600 dresses. We had 600 dresses when we started, and more keep coming in.

KAREN LEIGH: These dresses are a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.

- I think every girl should have the chance to be as confident and kind and as happy as Rylie truly was.

KAREN LEIGH: Rylie Guentensberger was killed in a freak accident when she was 12 years old. In 2017, she was inside a store in Parker when a driver crashed through the building.

MEGHANN GUENTENSBERGER: She would be so proud.

KAREN LEIGH: Friends and family are keeping Rylie's legacy alive with their foundation, Rylie's ARK, and the Be Happy Boutique.

MEGHANN GUENTENSBERGER: We named it Be Happy Boutique because that was what Rylie would always say. It was like, "Be happy!"

KAREN LEIGH: The boutique opened Friday at the Outlets of Castle Rock and features hundreds of formal dresses available at whatever price the shopper can afford, even if that means free.

MEGHANN GUENTENSBERGER: We want them to know that although there could be obstacles to getting to prom, expensive prom dresses and all the trappings, we want to take away that obstacle and just give them a chance to shine and feel joyful and feel beautiful without any obstacles.

KAREN LEIGH: Bringing joy to others is what Rylie was known for.

MEGHANN GUENTENSBERGER: She was known for hugging someone before they knew they needed it, for loving on people. And this is that in rainbow colors.

KAREN LEIGH: Ah, Rylie's mom there, Meghann. The Be Happy Boutique is open this weekend and next weekend and weekdays by appointment. We have much more information for you on CBSDenver.com.