‘Happy New Year Daddy’: Cher celebrated New Year with boyfriend Alexander Edwards

Cher welcomed 2023 with her boyfriend Alexander Edwards, sharing a photograph of the couple embracing each other on New Year’s Eve.

The “Believe” singer, 76, shared a picture of Edwards, 36, kissing her on the cheek, captioning the photograph: “Happy New Year, Daddy.”

Fans have been speculating about engagement rumours, as Cher appears to be wearing a diamond ring on her middle finger in the Twitter post.

On 25 December, Cher posted a photograph of a diamond ring to Twitter, captioning it: “THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, A.E [sic].”

Fans flooded her replies with messages of congratulations, with some asking if Edwards had proposed.

The singer then teased fans in a separate tweet, saying that she posted the picture of the ring “cause his nails are so cool”, referring to Edward’s colourful nail art in the photo.

It is still unconfirmed as to whether the pair are engaged.

Cher first announced her new relationship in November, after she was spotted with Edwards in public.

Defending their 40-year age gap, Cher wrote in a now-deleted Twitter post: “Love doesn’t know math, it only sees [love heart emoji].”

Cher hit out at critics again on New Year’s day, posting a second photograph of her and Edwards together.

“This should Send you Haters to The Part in Wizzard of OZ… WHEN DOROTHY THREW WATER ON THE wicked Witch & Melted her,” she wrote on Twitter.

Edwards previously dated model Amber Rose. The pair share a three-year-old son named Slash Electric Alexander Edwards.

Cher has previously addressed why she has dated men younger than her in the past.

“The truth was if I hadn’t gone out with younger men, I would have never had a date,” Cher told People in 2021. “Younger men weren’t intimidated by older women. But older men in my age category, they weren’t having it.”