Hard freeze is on the way for tonight

So, when will we finally thaw out from this historic but destructive week of weather? Here is the latest.

Video Transcript

TRAVIS HERZOG: Two more hard freezes to go, and then we are done with this cold snap. I'm chief meteorologist Travis Herzog with your one-minute weather forecast. A hard freeze warning is in effect for most of Southeast Texas overnight. Continue to protect those pipes and, of course, provide warm shelter for people, pets, and plants.

We're expecting low temperatures in Houston down into the mid 20s, low 20s around Tomball, Katy, and Humble, the teens in Conroe, Huntsville, College Station, Brenham, Columbus. South of town, even the mid 20s all the way down until the immediate coast where it drops to 32 in Galveston. Also, North and West of Houston, the wind chill will be between five and 15 degrees, and a wind chill advisory is in effect for Friday morning.

Then a hard freeze watch is also in effect. We won't be surprised, though, to see that hard freeze watch become a hard freeze warning all the way into Houston. Here's your low Saturday morning. We're forecasting the teens North and West of town, mid 20s in town, but staying above freezing right around Galveston Island.

So sunnier and warmer days are ahead, but we've got two more bitter cold nights to get through to protect those pipes and hope for the best. We're looking at highs in the 40s with the sunshine on Friday. Then on Saturday, the south wind finally returns, warming us into the 50s. By Sunday, we are well above freezing with a low in the 40s, high in the 60s, and see fog returns. That sea fog looks to be short lived as a weak front blows in Sunday night, brings back the sunshine Monday and Tuesday.

And for all of next week, we stay well above freezing, the sea fog likely to return around Wednesday. And then, another cold front rolls in about a week from now, but it's not an Arctic cold front. It's just a regular cold front for this time of year. I hope you stay warm and the power stays on, and we'll keep watching the weather for you.