Hard-Hit Dallas Expecting Even More Snow

CBS4's Nancy Chen has the latest on the bitter blast.

Video Transcript

- And the bitter blast has already claimed at least 20 lives while millions of people are living without heat or electricity. Texas has been hit especially hard. And Dallas is expecting even more snow. CBS4's Nancy Chen has the latest.

NANCY CHEN: Much of the US remains in the grip of an unusually harsh bout of severe winter weather. On Wednesday, the National Weather Service said more than 100 million Americans were under a Winter Storm Warning, Watch, or Advisory. Those warnings extend from Canada to Mexico. In Texas, residents have already endured days of snow in sub-zero temperatures. Frozen pipes, pumps, and other equipment left millions without gas or electricity.

BRIAN PORRECA: It's pretty bad that, you know, as Texans, you just can't prepare for cold. In every other part of the country this would have not been even the issue.

NANCY CHEN: Plano resident Terra Davis fled to Florida with her eight-month-old baby.

TERRA DAVIS: This is a chance we're willing to take to not have to have our baby out here in negative degree weather.

NANCY CHEN: A rare midwinter tornado touched down this week in Brunswick County, North Carolina. The EF3 twister claimed three lives and damaged or destroyed as many as 50 homes. Nancy Chen, CBS News.

- There are more than 3 and 1/2 million reported power outages in eight states this afternoon, and most of them are in Texas.