Hard hit ends in flames for Conor Daly at Las Vegas

Hard hit ends in flames for Conor Daly in Friday night's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Video Transcript

- Oh!

- Oh! Big hit by Connor Daly in the 44. Conner making his second truck series start, and the 56 of Tyler Hill around as well. Tate Fogleman narrowly avoiding contact there. But boy, Connor Daly hit that thing a ton.

- That's a huge crash. They're going to be three wide at least when they get to the corner that's Brian Truex on the bottom. And it just, I think--

- That's air, I feel like, you know, just air moving around. That's a hard hit. Thankful for those safety barriers.

- You know, and I'll say it's air. But it's also a driver that doesn't have a lot of experience in the trucks. And when you start seeing guys on your inside and outside maybe you move the wheel a little bit much and the air takes over and just gets you heading in a bad direction.

- Yeah, when you get that whip right there, that's a hard one right there. I'm sure he's going to be feeling that. That fire's no fun. He was trying to get down to get out of the truck as fast he can. Then he wedged against the inside wall. So that's tough.