Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento Expansion Progressing Ahead Of Schedule

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain is expanding with a new gas station and an event venue.

Video Transcript

- New at 4:00, Hard Rock Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain expands with a new gas station and event venue. And as CBS 13's Rachel Wolf tells us, they'll serve the public in more ways than one.

RACHEL WOLF: Traffic through Wheatland is expected to grow.

- More people, more accidents, you know?

RACHEL WOLF: As the nearby Hard Rock Casino grows bringing with it hundreds of jobs. Construction on two projects totaling $65 million is already underway, including a state of the art gas station and 2,500 seat event venue called Hard Rock Live. Both will have generator power with the venue able to serve as an emergency shelter.

GLENDA NELSON: We would set up the Hard Rock Live by bringing in all of the cots or necessities for sleeping, and for food, and for any needs that the community could have.

RACHEL WOLF: Glenda Nelson serves as chairwoman for the Enterprise Rancheria the tribal nation which owns the Casino.

GLENDA NELSON: We would set up the Hard Rock Live probably as a convention center.

RACHEL WOLF: It already has experience housing people in Butte County during the 2017 evacuations as a result of the Oroville Dam crisis, and it's housed fire and police personnel in the hotel for training during the pandemic.

GLENDA NELSON: So it's just part of us fulfilling the promises that we've already made.

RACHEL WOLF: Another promise, making it happen quickly.

The venue expected to be completed by May of next year, the gas station by the end of this year.

It can't happen fast enough for locals.

- I think that anything that we could do to prepare for you an event like that, especially with the fires that we just had and recent-- so I think that it would all be helpful.

RACHEL WOLF: Some of which have already experienced evacuations and with the drought, expect more to come.

- That would probably be really good for the people who live around here with grass fires happening this summer.