Harden and Westbrook offered help, Houston mayor says

"Once a Houstonian, always a Houstonian," Mayor Turner said as he acknowledged the gesture from the former players during a press conference on Friday.

Video Transcript

SYLVESTER TURNER: I will want to say that there were two NBA basketball games scheduled for this weekend, starting tonight and tomorrow. And talking with the Houston Rockets, Tad Brown, and also in conversations there, in conversation with the NBA.

The game for tonight will not take place because you know, we're dealing-- still dealing with these issues. So I want to thank them for their sensitivity. And the game tomorrow is somewhat tentative so I want to thank them.

And then I want to say, you know, once a Houstonian always a Houstonian. Even though you may not be in the city of Houston, so I do want to acknowledge the former Rocket players, Westbrook and James Harden, who have both called and made contact, and offering support to the city as well. So once you've been in Houston, regardless of where you go, the spirit of Houston still remains alive.