Harder leads congressional candidates in funding

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May 5—The most recognizable name in the race for the 9th US Congressional District race has reportedly raised the most in campaign funds.

According to Federal Elections Commission records, Rep. Josh Harder, D-Turlock, has amassed $6.7 million during his run for the 9th District as of March 31.

Harder, who currently serves the 10th District, lists Democracy Engine Political Action Committee, ActBlue and JStreet Political Action Committee as some of his biggest campaign contributors.

ActBlue, a nonprofit technology company, has given Harder a total of $492,243 through the course of his campaign, according to records.

In addition, JStreetPAC has contributed $20,924, and Democracy Engine PAC has given a total of $12,519 to the campaign.

Harder's most recent campaign finance statement, which records both donations and expenditures, is some 1,264 pages in length. He's raised $4.55 million and spent about $1.3 million thus far.

San Joaquin County supervisor Tom Patti has $357,489 cash on-hand, according to his campaign finance records, after raising $500,400 and spending $142,911.

His statement is just 157 pages in length, and has not received contributions from political action committees during the first quarter of the year, except for WinRed, which donated a total of $13,140.

Rather, he has received contributions from local well-known residents in the county, including Helen and Michael Spanos, both of whom donated $2,900.

Fred Weibel, Jr. of Weibel Family Vineyards has given $4,500, while Dr. Joseph Zeiter of Zeiter Eye has contributed $2,750.

Harpreet Chima has $8,110 on hand after raising $63,826 and spending $55,726 during his campaign. A bulk of his funding came from his own accounts — $22,485 — as well as ActBlue, which donated $33,986.

Jonathan Madison also contributed to his own campaign in the amount of $25,700. He raised $52,329, all of which have been from Bay Area residents. He has spent $30,260.

Karena Feng reported having no cash on-hand as of March 31, after raising $28,602 and spending $17,630. Her contributions came in the form of events totaling $14,000, as well as $8,000 of her own money.

Lodi resident Jim Shoemaker contributed $9,697 of his own money to his campaign, which raised $13,547 and spent $12,481, leaving him with $1,066 in cash on hand. His contributors have been residents from throughout the county.

Two other candidates for the 9th District seat — Mark Andrews and Khalid Jeffrey Jaffri — did not file campaign finance reports.