Harris attacks Trump's virus response at FL event

Sen. Kamala Harris made a campaign stop in Florida on Saturday to urge voters to turn out and deliver victory for the Democrats on Tuesday. (Oct. 31)

Video Transcript

SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS: Joe Biden and I are proud, patriotic Americans.


Who share the values with the vast majority of the American people who want a president of the United States who speaks truth, who uses that platform not to beat people down, but to lift people up. We know, he knew back on January 28th that this virus could kill people at five times the rate of the flu. We know he knew that it would impact people of every age. He knew it was airborne.

And what did he do with that information? Right, sister. He covered it up.

But here's the thing on the economy. So on the one hand, you have Joe Biden. Who when asked how's the economy doing, always asks the question, well tell me how working people are doing. Tell me how working families are doing. Well with your help Florida, over these next three days, when and God-willing if we win, Joe Biden and I are about to get rid of that tax cut and invest that money in working people.