Harris Co. attorneys file resistance to ERCOT's anti-suit claim

We'll see how far this resistance goes, but Harris County is prepared to challenge the Texas grid operator's "sovereign immunity" claim.

Video Transcript

ART RASCON: New at 11 o'clock-- another twist in the legal fight against ERCOT and its insistence that it can't be sued.

We're learning this morning that attorneys for Harris County filed a brief against ERCOT with this Texas Supreme Court. The case is currently pending in front of the judges on whether or not ERCOT has sovereign immunity-- in other words, can ERCOT be sued for things like February's massive power failure. The law-- the lawyers for Harris County say ERCOT should be held financially responsible for what happened.

The court is expected to decide the case today. But understanding why it would not be able to be sued is just unconscionable.