This Harris Co. city just got its 1st 200 vaccine doses

The amount may seem trivial compared to the 6,000 shots given every day at NRG Park, but in this working class, it's a cause for celebration.

Video Transcript

- The country is ramping up COVID-19 vaccination efforts. An average of two million vacancies are being-- vaccines, I should say, are being administered every day in the US. And mass vaccination sites like the one here at NRG Park are popping up in multiple states, nine this week alone.

Meantime, the CDC is finalizing guidance for Americans who have received the vaccine on what they should and should not do. So here in Houston, there's a big push to get people vaccinated in underserved communities as the state mask mandate ends next week. This afternoon, we checked out the Galena Park Medical Clinic, where doses arrived today. And ABC13's Miya Shay is there.

And Miya, these were actually the first vaccines delivered to this community.

MIYA SHAY: That's right. And you know, you think about NRG Park doing 6,000 a day. And here Galena Park, inside this clinic, the first 200 doses for this entire community. It may not seem like much, but if you're one of those 200 getting that shot, it's a godsend. Inside the Galena Park Family Clinic, Olga Pacheco was excited that she could bring her mom Maria for the COVD-19 vaccine.

OLGA PACHECO: We live so close, and sometimes we don't have a vehicle to go farther, you know, to get-- you know, they always have, like, in downtown a shot to get, and it is hard for us to go all the way over there. So right here, it's perfect. Like, it's great for us.

MIYA SHAY: The 200 doses distributed to the clinic this week is a first for the east Harris County community. The amount may seem trivial compared to the 6,000 shots given every day at NRG Park, but it's a cause for celebration. As Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia points out, getting vaccines to vulnerable communities like Galena Park remain a challenge.

SYLVIA GARCIA: For this city who's been waiting, 200 shots is a great start. We just need to be back here in the next 200 days with the same amount.

MIYA SHAY: Clinic doctors don't know if the state will allocate more doses next week. They hope so because they say they have many patients who are waiting.

RUBIN SHAH: I mean, the need is out there. Even though you've seen all these big centers set up all over the city, there's still-- there's still so many people out there that have not been vaccinated.