Harris, foundation heads, meet on Northern Triangle

Vice President Kamala Harris met Thursday with foundation heads for a strategy session on immigration from the Northern Triangle countries in Central America. (April 22)

Video Transcript

KAMALA HARRIS: You look at the acute issues in particular that are affecting the Northern Triangle, we are looking at extensive storm damage because of extreme climate. We're looking at drought in an area and a region where agriculture is one of the most traditionally important bases for their economy. We're looking at what's happening in terms of food scarcity as a result of that. And in fact, incredible food insecurity, which we used to call hunger, it's food insecurity. And we are looking at therefore, a number of issues that also relate to poverty, extreme poverty. And also there's violence, obviously, coming out of those regions.

When you look at the root causes, we're also looking at the issues of corruption. Again, we're looking at the issue of climate resiliency and then the concern about a lack of economic opportunity. So how I see it is that, for us to be effective in that region, among the work that we can do together, we have to give people a sense of hope.

I've asked these leaders of major philanthropic organizations, not only nationally, but globally, I've asked you to come together so I can learn from you, so I can hear from you. Many of you have been invested for years, like I said, in the region. I want to hear from you to know what works, what has worked, what has not worked so that will help inform our strategy going forward.