Harris tells HBCU students 'when we vote, we win'

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris campaigned Friday in Atlanta with a focus on Black voters who will prove pivotal in deciding the outcome in Georgia and other battleground states. (Oct. 23)

Video Transcript

KAMALA HARRIS: There's a reason to vote, which is that there's so much at stake in the outcome of this election. Everything from what we need to do-- Joe and I are going to put $70 billion into HBCUs. Joe Biden has the ability-- running for president-- to speak the term Black Lives Matter in a way the other fella does not. There's so much at stake.

But here's the third piece that I want to leave you with as a challenge to remind people of. And especially here in Georgia. Why do you think so many powerful people are trying to make it so difficult and confusing for you to vote? Why would they take such time and go through such effort, put so much energy, into trying to suppress your vote?

And I'll tell you what I think the answer is. Because they know your power. They know your power. They know our power. So let's not let anybody take our power from us. Because the reality is, when we vote, things change. And when we vote, we win. So let's remind everybody of that. Don't let anybody ever take you out of the game.