Harrisburg School District held a meeting on William Penn High School building’s future

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Thursday night brought the latest in a series of meetings about what to do with the long-empty William Penn High School building in Harrisburg while both task force members and Harrisburg students weighed in.

Multiple different recommendations from multiple different task force members. Some agreed, some didn’t, but one thing is for certain: no one wants the building demolished.

The future of the William Penn building is still uncertain as task force members laid out their final recommendations.

Over a dozen spoke, many of them, wanting the same thing: a new and improved building to benefit Harrisburg students.

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Ideas on how to do that varied but many task force members agreed that career-based programs can and should be implemented once the building is renovated.

Think performing arts, language, hospitality, and technical education.

All good ideas leaders say but they’re worried about finances and believe realistically, nothing can happen to the property without the support of a partner. Corporate names like the Ford or Kellogg Foundation were mentioned.

Dr. Lori Suski, a court-appointed receiver for the Harrisburg School District said, “Without having some sort of arrangement where people are coming together to say ‘what can we do to make this happen’ I just don’t think we’re gonna see the types of funds to restore the building to be a school as we once knew it as a school.”

All recommendations including funding ideas will be considered by task force members and put together in a formal presentation which will be given at a Harrisburg School Board meeting on Tuesday.

Public comment will also be accepted.

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