Harrison Ford Recreates Classic Pose for New Star Wars Entertainment Weekly Cover

Entertainment Weekly is rapidly becoming the home of new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ info and images and the American mag has just unleashed four new covers from their upcoming ‘Star Wars’ special issue. 

Check them out below.

Harrison Ford is recreating one of Han Solo’s most iconic poses for the cover and we’re loving the old pirate’s costume. He’s even wearing the same belt and gun holster he wore in ‘A New Hope’. The special double issue promises to detail “the secrets of Kylo Ren’s mask, Han Solo’s jacket, and Rey’s desert gear.”

The next cover features British actress Daisy Ridley. The as-yet-unknown-but-soon-to-be-huge actress plays Rey, a lonely scavenger who combs the desert planet of Jakku for scrap.

Next up is John Boyega’s Finn. He plays a First Order stormtrooper who suffers a crisis of confidence and goes rogue. The issue features new interviews with Ridley and Boyega who talk about their friendship both on and off screen.

Finally, the last cover is dedicated to our old droid pals Artoo and Threepio. Note the protocol droid’s red arm, a sure sign that a lot of time has passed since we last saw them in ‘Return of the Jedi’.

The issue which goes on sale on Friday also promises to lift the lid on Luke Skywalker’s disappearance from the ‘Star Wars’ universe, Starkiller Base, Ma Kanata, and Princess Leia’s new title.

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Image credits: EW