Harry and Meghan's new neighbours given list of rules, including not speaking to them or stroking their dog

Harry and Meghan have reportedly issued a set of rules to their new neighbours (Picture: PA)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s neighbours at their new home in Frogmore Cottage have been issued with a set of rules, including not talking to the couple or stroking their dog, it has emerged.

A set of rules issued at a residents’ meeting also include not speaking to Harry and Meghan, asking to see baby Archie and not posting anything through the couple’s letterbox, according to The Sun.

The list of dos and don’ts are aimed at people living near the Royal couple’s new home on the Windsor estate, including royal staff and estate employees.

The rules have been issued to Harry and Meghan's neighbours at Frogmore Cottage (Picture: GOR/Getty Images)

The list reportedly includes:-

  • Don't approach or instigate conversation if you see the Royal couple

  • Do say 'Good Morning' or some other pleasantry if they speak to you

  • Don't pet or stroke their dogs, even if they come over to you

  • Don't offer to walk their dogs

  • Don't ask to see baby Archie or offer to babysit

  • Don't post anything through the letterbox of Frogmore Cottage


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Neighbours have hit out at the demands, with one telling The Sun: “It would be funny if it wasn’t so over the top” and adding: “Even the Queen doesn’t demand this.”

One also pointed out that everyone who lives on the estate works for the Royal family so knows how to behave around them.

Buckingham Palace has apparently said the request came from an “overly protective palace official” without Harry and Meghan’s knowledge.

Neighbours have pointed out that most people who live on the estate know how to behave around the Royal family (Picture: AP)

The list comes just weeks after Meghan’s staff reportedly ordered people at Wimbledon not to take her photograph when she attended the tournament.

The couple have also been criticised for spending £2.4million of taxpayers’ cash on their home.

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