Harry & Meghan trailer: Netflix releases first look at new royal documentary

First look at Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary. (Netflix)
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The trailer for Harry and Meghan's hotly anticipated Netflix documentary has arrived.

Netflix has said the Sussexes' is a "love story like no other" and the teaser trailer is filled with private insight into the couple's life behind closed doors.

"When the stakes are this high", Meghan says in the trailer, "doesn't it make more sense to hear our story from us"?

The couple has previously stayed tight-lipped about the documentary, as have Netflix themselves, but the trailer now gives clear insight into what viewers can expect.

Watch the full Harry and Meghan trailer below

Private photos of the couple are paired against well-known images from royal events like Commonwealth Day and the Queen's funeral.

Candid, intimate snaps of the couple kissing in a kitchen and Prince Harry playing an acoustic guitar are followed by the Sussex's pulling faces on a walk and doing star jumps.

From posing in a photo booth and with their dogs, dancing wildly at their wedding reception, to Meghan showing her bare pregnant belly: even in these flashes the trailer shows a new side of the couple the public aren't used to seeing.

The mood quickly shifts as images from royal engagements fill the screen: the couple looking tense and far less comfortable. The disconnect between the private individuals and the public persona is clearly shown.

The first trailer for the six-part documentary comes as the Royal Family gets embroiled in another racism scandal after Lady Susan Hussey's racist comments to a black charity campaigner raised questions about systemic issues within the Royal Household.

It has already distracted from the Prince and Princess of Wales' trip to Boston, centred around William's Earthshot Prize Awards. For the Windsors, Netflix's timing couldn't be worse.

Private photos of Harry and Meghan are included in the new trailer for their Netflix documentary. (Netflix)
Private photos of Harry and Meghan are included in the new trailer for their Netflix documentary. (Netflix)

The trailer is also hot on the heels of Neil Basu's comments to Channel 4 News about the "disgusting" threats against Meghan's life from the far-right. The Royal Family have been heavily criticised for not speaking out against the racism Meghan faced whilst a working royal.

"No one see's what's happening behind closed doors", Harry says in the trailer. "I had to do everything I could to protect my family".

The Netflix documentary series may provide some long-awaited answers to the question of what life was really like for the couple inside the royal institution.

According to Netflix, insight will be provided by Harry and Meghan's "friends and family who've never spoken publicly about the couple's relationship before".

Intimate moment's from Harry and Meghan's private life are included in the trailer. (Netflix)
Intimate moment's from Harry and Meghan's private life are included in the trailer. (Netflix)

Elsewhere, "historians and journalists" will provide context and explain how the intense media coverage the couple has "influenced Harry and Meghan's relationship with the Royal Family and Commonwealth".

The Liz Garbus-directed documentary series is part of the multi-year production deal struck by the Sussex's with Netflix in 2020.

Archewell Productions signed up to make content ranging from "documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted shows" to "children's programming", according to the New York Times.

Heart of Invictus — one of these projects — will follow competitors on their journey to compete in the Invictus Games.

A children's animated show called Pearl was on the books, but has already been scrapped by the streaming giant.