Harry Reid is the Loser in FERC Fight

Harry Reid is the Loser in FERC Fight

When Ron Binz announced Tuesday he withdrew his name as President Obama's nominee to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the biggest loser in Washington was not Obama or Binz.

It was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who hand-picked Binz, a renewable-energy advocate, over Democratic Commissioner John Norris, who was Obama's initial choice but reportedly "too pro-coal" for Reid.

An aggressive campaign by conservative groups won this battle and Reid lost it.

Obama must now go back to the start, without his initial pick Norris as an option, because no one in town thinks Norris has a shot after blaming Reid for getting passed over.

Reid's office didn't respond to a request for comment. But of course, this is just an ember amid the raging flames of the first government shutdown in 17 years.

Reid has bigger problems now.

Amy Harder


WYDEN BLAMES PR CAMPAIGN FOR FAILED FERC NOMINATION. Sen. Ron Wyden criticized the role of lobbying and interest groups in the lead-up to the confirmation hearings and said he believes Binz was qualified.

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A Swedish nuclear facility with the world's largest boiling-water reactor shut down when moon jellyfish clogged the water intakes. The reactor is expected to restart soon.

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The administration is betting small modular reactors can diversify the nation's energy portfolio and rein in carbon emissions.

SUPREME COURT DOESN'T MOVE ON CLIMATE CASES. The court has yet to take up any of the nine petitions seeking to thwart Obama's climate change regulations.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN DRIVES DOWN OIL PRICES. The price of oil is falling due to market speculation that a shutdown will lower consumer demand.

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