Harry Styles Struck by Skittles Thrown During LA Concert

British singer Harry Styles recoiled and appeared to be injured after a concertgoer hurled handful of Skittles at him while he performed at The Forum in Los Angeles, California, on Monday, November 14.

Footage of the moment from Katie Kreiensieck shows multiple pieces of candy flying through the air and striking Styles in the face. Styles reacts by stumbling backwards and pulling his hands up to his face. He then proceeds to thank fans and blows kisses to the crowd, but appears to be squinting through his left eye as he does so.

Kreiensieck, who attended the concert with her daughter, said Styles was “clearly in pain, but was still gracious to the rest of his fans, thanking them for coming.”

“Luckily the incident happened during the second-to-last song,” said Kreiensieck, who added that the concert “fantastic.”

Skittles responded to the incident on Tuesday, tweeting: “Didn’t think I needed to say this: Please don’t throw Skittles.” Credit: Katie Kreiensieck via Storyful

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