Harvey Guillén & Wilson Cruz Bond Over Iconic Character Rickie Vasquez

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harvey guillen and wilson cruz
harvey guillen and wilson cruz

Wilson Cruz and Harvey Guillén are sharing mutual love on social media.

The current star of What We Do in the Shadows and former star of My So-Called Life had a touching and adorable interaction on Twitter recently after Guillén’s character Guillermo hung up a poster of the cast of My So-Called Life in his house on a recent episode of What We Do in the Shadows.

“I was so moved to see Harvey pull out that pic of the cast of #MySoCalledLife on this week’s episode,” Cruz wrote. “The POWER and reach of Rickie Vasquez is never lost on me.”

“It’s the tribute… to the one who started it all” Guillén replied.

In the most recent episode of WWDITS, Guillermo thought he had the whole vampire house to himself, so he invited his family over for dinner and hung up a few decorations. This included a poster of My So-Called Life prominently featuring the groundbreaking gay character Ricki Vasquez, played by Cruz.

Vasquez was the first gay main character played by an out gay actor in an American television show. When My So-Called Life came out in 1994, it changed queer representation forever, and it broke open the doors for queer Latine actors in Hollywood. And Guillén knows that.

This season of What We Do in the Shadows has largely focused on the growth of Guillermo, who started the show as the lowly familiar for a set of vampires. Now, he’s come into his own, serves as a bodyguard and accountant for the vampires, came out to his family, and even has a boyfriend. He’s becoming one of the best Latino TV characters of all time.

It’s always great to see different generations of queer Latinos coming together to celebrate each other. Maybe Cruz could guest star next season as a Puerto Rican vampire? That’s the crossover we’d love to see!

New episodes of What We Do in the Shadows air Tuesday nights on FX.

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