Hashtags and influencers are changing NYC Fashion Week

STORY: Hashtags and influencers are changing New York Fashion Week

Big brands and emerging labels will be looking to entice trend-followers

and perhaps spark some viral moments like this one in October

when Parisian brand Coperni spray painted a dress onto model Bella Hadid

[Frances Solá-Santiago / Fashion writer / Refinery29]

“I think a lot of designers are really realizing that Gen Z and Tik Tok is very prone to, to weird items and that the weirder, the better. For example, Coperni put out a glass handbag that Doja Cat carried to the Grammys last year, and so and that went completely viral and glass handbag started trending worldwide. So, I think those kind of really weird, wacky moments that used to be reserved for couture or for more avant garde collections. I mean, this is nothing new, you know, a lot of designers have done a lot of theatrics over the decades, but I think we're starting to see it because of the power of TikTok and social media just explode worldwide. So, definitely designers are recognizing that there is importance and not just putting runways, you know, models down a runway, but really trying to do something bigger.”

More than 70 brands will be showcasing their autumn/winter 2023 designs around New York

Solá-Santiago said she expected to see a Y2K revival and the continued resurgence of night life attire

as well as designers looking to social media trends for inspiration

“There's a lot of niche Tik-Tok esthetics that are really emerging like #Cottagecore #Regencycore, #Balletcore. They all have kind of a core at the end, but basically it's just these micro trends because the trend cycle is really accelerating so fast because of Tik Tok hails, because of internet culture that it's basically, you know, packaged niche esthetics and looks that keep coming up month after month basically. So, we've been seeing a lot of those trends really make their way to the runways and inspiring designers”