Haslet residents report hearing strange 'siren' sound, city says no sirens have been activated

HASLET, Texas - People in the City of Haslet have reported hearing a strange new noise in town.

Haslet Mayor Gary Hulsey says the city has received reports of a low-to-mid range frequency noise that they have never heard before.

Residents said the noise is heard throughout the day and even sometimes at night, waking some up from sleep.

Some people believed the noise was a siren.

<div>Tornado siren against a backdrop of dark clouds. via Getty Images</div>
Tornado siren against a backdrop of dark clouds. via Getty Images

The mayor says Haslet and other areas around the city confirmed that no sirens or early warning devices have been activated or are malfunctioning.

Mayor Hulsey says right now the noise is suspected to be caused by electric locomotives from BNSF.

The city sent recordings of the noise and complaints to the railroad company.

BNSF determined the source of the noise was the locomotive of a service partner that does some switching in Haslet.

BNSF said the unit has been isolated and removed from service for repair.