IF THE HAT FITS: Setting out to create the All-Time McAlester Football Team

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Jun. 5—We're going to take a little journey together this summer.

Yes, all of you reading this are invited to take part in a very special project that is going to be happening over the next few weeks. You see, months ago, I had a meeting over what sort of projects I might tackle during the sports offseason. And we came up with one that is sure to get people talking.

Let me introduce to you all the All-Time McAlester Football Team.

Okay, well the team isn't set yet. That's actually where you — our readers — come into play. We want your input, and you're going to get your chance to nominate and vote on players so that we can build this team as a community together.

As I mentioned, this project began months ago with an idea. Since then, we put together a completely anonymous committee of people with deep knowledge of McAlester football over the decades.

We met in a dark, shadowy dungeon, lit some torches, and perused the old tomes and texts from News-Capitals past. The committee members recalled names and feats of athleticism, and debated who they thought were some of the best names to ever wear a Buffs jersey.

Of course, that's only part of the process. The next step is to hear from you, the die-hard McAlester football fans. And we're going to do it in the most democratically way possible — with an online vote.

Here's how this is going to work. We're going to break it down by position, and there will be two votes held in a week, with one starting on Sundays, and the other starting on Wednesdays. You will have 24 hours to vote on six names that will be chosen, or you will be able to write-in a player you feel needs consideration.

I'll compose the results, and present them to you all the following day after a position's voting has closed. By the end of it all, we will compile the data with the committee's discussion and present you with the McAlester News-Capital's All-Time McAlester Football Team.

I bet by now you're already mulling some names over in your minds. But before we get started, there are some ground rules.

1. No current McAlester player — including those that graduated in 2021 — are eligible for consideration. (I have no doubt we'll be adding those names to the list years later down the road.)

2. Voting will be open 24 hours, from noon on the first day to noon the next day.

3. If you don't see a name you think should be there, that's OK! You can write-in your vote by commenting on our social media posts, or sending us an email.

4. This is meant to be a lot of fun and generate discussion among Buffs fans of all ages. So have fun, and be mindful of our social media policy if a debate gets a little too heated.

And that's about it! Look, I know many folks will have differing opinions on things, which is why we're taking it all into consideration before building the final list — which will consist of a first, second, and all-fan vote teams.

We're going to begin voting this Sunday! So keep an eye out and be ready to vote. We'll be breaking it down by position, starting with wide receivers and tight ends and ending with quarterbacks in the final vote of the month.

So it's time to break out those old newspaper clippings, dust off your yearbooks, and gather your friends as we set out to name the 2021 McAlester News-Capital All-Time McAlester Football Team.

Contact Derek Hatridge at dhatridge@mcalesternews.com.

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