Hat-Wearing Pigeons Cause Concern in Las Vegas

Pigeons in small cowboy hats in Las Vegas, Nevada, have captured the attention of local residents and prompted a pigeon rescue group to launch an investigation into the birds’ welfare.

The pigeons began to gain traction on social media after local resident Bobby Lee posted a video to his Facebook page on December 5 showing two of the birds wearing cowboy hats.

The video was shared widely on the internet and eventually made its way to Mariah Hillman, the cofounder of local pigeon rescue Lofty Hopes. According to reports, Hillman and her daughter began handing out business cards in areas the birds had been seen.

Hillman received word of several sightings but repeatedly arrived too late and the birds had already flown away. However, Hillman got word of one sighting and went to the area first thing the following morning, and was able to spot one of the birds.

Sadly, the bird evaded her attempt at capture in a video posted to Facebook on December 11.

Even though she has not been able to remove any of the hats from the pigeons yet, Hillman and her team hope to trap and help the one in the red hat, who is now known as Cluck Norris, along with a bird in a pink hat, who is now known as Coolamity Jane.

“Humans basically just need to keep their hands off animals,” Hillman said. “It is their life. They have the right to live free from harm.” Credit: Kassandra Flores via Storyful

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