‘I hate this place’: Arlington residents outraged over current apartment conditions

Residents inside Miramar Apartments in Arlington say they are fed up with management, arguing the complex is failing to honor their lease agreements.

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Problems like broken windows, faulty air conditioning units, and plumbing riddled with leaks that haven’t been fixed in months.

The City of Jacksonville has even stepped in. According to a citation for ordinance violations issued by the city, the Miramar Apartments has until Dec. 29 to fix the issues.

Action News Jax spoke with several residents Monday afternoon who described the same problems cited by the city.

“I hate this place,” said Norene McNamara.

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McNamara moved into her apartment Oct. 28, and since then, she said it has been a complete nightmare.

“My air conditioning started leaking and poured all over the hot water heater,” said McNamara.

McNamara said it took weeks for the apartment complex to fix the issue.

“By the time they did send someone out there, the air conditioning had leaked so much in the hot water heater that they had to disconnect my hot water heater,” said McNamara.

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McNamara sent Action News Jax photos of how her apartment looked due to that problem. She said the apartment complex installed a window air conditioning unit for her and knocked out a portion of her window. Instead of coming back and replacing the window, she said they put a cardboard box over the window.

Many residents like McNamara face similar problems like plumbing issues and stoves not working properly.

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McNamara said that at least 20 residents went to their leasing office Monday morning to complain about all the issues at the complex. Several residents told Action News Jax that they found out that all management in the office had quit, and corporate officials were inside instead.

Action News Jax was looking to speak with Miramar’s management about this, but we were kicked off the property before we could do so. We called the leasing office and emailed KPM Property Management, which handles the apartment complex, to get its side of the story, but no one answered.

“The promises have always been broken,” said Navious Eutsay.

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Eutsay said the apartment complex promised her a certain unit, but didn’t hold up its end of the bargain.

“Now they are telling me we are going to put you in a unit, and it has a window unit in there. It’s not even central air and heat,” said Eutsay.

Eutsay said she was expecting to move in, but now she has to stay with her family.

“I didn’t know all of this was going on, and now I’m getting done in,” said Eutsay.

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