‘Hateful’: Prosecutors charge man for racist, vulgar threats against Jackson County judge

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An Independence man was arrested on Tuesday evening for allegedly leaving a series of vulgar voicemails for a Jackson County judge that contained racial slurs and threats of an “eye for an eye.”

Michael A. Deblois, 42, who is white, left his full name and phone number on a series of calls made between Monday and Tuesday where he referred to a 16th Circuit Judge by the N-word, Jackson County prosecutors say.

Jackson County prosecutors said the “hateful, angry” messages were investigated by the sheriff’s department. Deblois was charged with tampering with a judicial officer and harassment.

The Jackson County judge who was the target of the threats is not named in court papers. According to charging documents for Deblois, the judge filed for a protective order on Tuesday, citing fear of the threat of violence and possible stalking.

Over the course of a day, prosecutors allege Deblois left more than a dozen racist voicemails. Rambling excerpts cited by authorities in charging documents include a volley of profanities surrounding complaints of “reverse discrimination,” “government corruption” and his “fraudulent homeowners association.” They also mention home foreclosure.

“It’s not fun when people draw their own conclusion just outside the court of law. I’m not doing anything to a single member of your [expletive] staff that you didn’t do to me first. Eye for an eye, makes you wonder what I do have planned,” the man said on one recording.

As of Tuesday night, Deblois was being housed in the Jackson County jail.